Why you shouldn’t load your personal information into any lender website ?

There are so many scammers and crooks out there trying to steal your personal information.  We know that many Lender “look-a-like” sites have been set up just for that purpose.  So, the public might think they are inputting into a legitimate lender site when, in reality, it is a scam site set up by criminals intent on getting people’s personal information.  Enough said on this.

Why is it important to have a phone conversation rather than just inputting your information into an Online site???

Most Online Lenders offer 1 product.  This may or may not be the loan product you desire.  With a brief conversation about your credit and income, we can let you know the types of loans you can qualify for.  Then, you can pick one that fits your needs. 

If you cannot get me the type of loan I want, are there other options?

As a Small Business Lending brokerage, we have access to the best lenders and loans in the business.  Using a Broker gives you far more choices and the needed phone consultation to go over specific credit and income questions.  There are always “issues” on a submission that should be talked about. When you submit direct, you cannot address your issues simply by filling out a form and pressing enter.  Direct contact is necessary at this point to get all the details.

How soon can I have money in my account?

This all depends on the type of loan you are looking for.  As an example, a streamlined merchant term loan can be approved in 1 day, signing docs on day 2 and funds in your account on day 3.  If the loan is a full doc SBA loan, this typically takes up to 45 days to close.  We can move as fast as the kind of loan request we receive.

Is there any type of upfront fee I have to pay?

There is never any upfront fee with us.